Awesome journey playing at Pra’ delle Torri Golf Caorle

Last summer I spent few super days in Porto Santa Margherita, staying at the fanciful B&B Ca’ d’Artisti by my eclectic friends Roberto and Tiziana. I enjoyed the nearby sunny beach and the colorful center of Caorle, a seaside town I surely raccomend not far from Venice. I obviously also played golf at Pra’ delle […]

The Asolo great experiences

One of the most beautiful and engaging golf courses in Veneto region is the Asolo Golf Club. Located in the province of Treviso between the Asolo hills and the Venetian foothills of Alps, this club has 27 championship holes that wind through gentle hills not far from the Prosecco and Valdobbiadene areas

Visit a sagra in Italy, start from Vicenza

If you travel to Italy, every week it’s sagra time somewhere. Each territory has its countless sagre to discover, born from traditions that are handed down from generation to generation. Surely you have to try the trattorias and restaurants but don’t forget to visit sagre in Italy. These festivals allow you to get closer and get to know even more what it means to be Italian. They allow you to discover hidden places less used to tourists, but no less welcoming.

For those who travel in obstinate and opposite direction

The front door is not too flashy. This is also the beauty of many treasures in Italy, which must be sought in hidden and unexpected corners. Do not delay and get to know Matteo and his friends in Epiro, a typical restaurant with an eye continually turned to the future. They define themselves “Cave à […]

Live Appio Latino district in Rome

We are back to to Rome after a beautiful and satisfying round of golf. We are in the Eternal City, the capital of Italy. So I do not dwell too much on this and it is redundant to describe this city to bring out emotions that come by itself. Simply, visit it and enter its […]

Be part of the show of Italian Open

Back from Rome after a rewarding weekend to follow the golf champions along the golf course Marco Simone Golf & Country Club, for the 78th Italian Open, I started writing some notes about the experience of attending a professional european golf tournament.