Awesome journey playing at Pra’ delle Torri Golf Caorle

Last summer I spent few super days in Porto Santa Margherita, staying at the fanciful B&B Ca’ d’Artisti by my eclectic friends Roberto and Tiziana. I enjoyed the nearby sunny beach and the colorful center of Caorle, a seaside town I surely raccomend not far from Venice. I obviously also played golf at Pra’ delle Torri Golf Caorle and I concentrated on the game to such an extent (it is a fundamental moment of meditation for me) that I postponed the collection of information and photographs to write the article I wanted.

Finally back. Welcome to Pra’ delle Torri Golf Caorle

A year later, I finally returned to Pra’ delle Torri Golf Caorle, for a day dedicated to the game with subsequent time dedicated to a photoshoot. By the way, I thank Anna and the colleagues of the secretariat who supported by lending me a cart, to run more easily between fairways and greens under the August sun.


From Porto Santa Margherita and Caorle, you can go to play golf by bike (15 minutes from Porto Santa Margherita) with a wide bicycle lane running safe along the main road. Whenever possible, I suggest alternative ways to get around. The bike is the most appropriate way: it does not pollute and you do physical exercise. Remember only to bring a stand bag with you because the small bag depot at Pra’ delle Torri is currently reserved for club members. On the other hand, if you are staying at camping Pra’ delle Torri, you can access the golf club directly on foot and you will have the opportunity to take advantage of various golf offers.


In general, Golf Caorle is an ideal sea course for a holiday. The fairways are almost never too narrow and let the balls run during summer time, the greens are wide and pleasantly undulating. The holes are of medium length. Have fun. However, some obstacles are wisely inserted to make it adequately challenging, so don’t underestimate the risks. Then, if the sea wind takes over, the playing conditions become even more prohibitive.

The course was enlarged between 1991 and 2007, from 9 to 18 holes. The courses were designed by two different important architects, so it is not surprising that there are differences between the first nine holes and the back nine (these were the originals). Now the course is a par 72, with an overall length of 6,045 meters for men and 5,360 meters for women. It is therefore not a particularly long golf course. The first nine holes are wedged towards the sea, they are a little narrower and shorter than the second nine.


Let’s start our awesome journey playing golf. The first hole at Golf Caorle is an opening hole to play carefully from the tee box. And it has similarities with the 10th. In both cases, we have to face a dogleg on the left (with out of bounds) and almost identical distance to cover from the tee to the green. The two amazing opening holes differ because in the first one you have to avoid large maritime pines in the corner of the dogleg defending the shot to the green, on the tenth hole you will face a fascinating green located on a peninsula.

Don’t miss the green at 10th


Now you have to walk through almost the easiest hole and then the hardest one, in sequence. These par 4 can be solved if you are in a state of grace with the drive, you do not see certain difficulties. You start to hesitate on the tee shot and here come bunkers and trees that you didn’t even consider before. A good drive makes it easy.


I like to consider from 4th to 6st holes a sort of “amen corner” towards the sea, even if we are still at the beginning of our journey. These are characterizing holes with a certain difficulty to take into account. Hole 4th goes towards the sea with dogleg turning left on the green shot, around an out of bounds. It is therefore essential to stay under 150 meters to have visibility of a green well defended by some bunkers on the left and by a not remote enough pond on the right. I really like this shot to the green. And also pay attention to the starting shot, if it opens too much it can end up under the trees or among some bushes placed in a strategic way, which would prevent you from reaching the green with the regular shots.

Shot to the green at 4th

Meanwhile a road runs beside and some curious vacationers could accompany you during all the amen corner holes, along the way to the beach. Don’t worry, in general people are not interested in you unless you are Tiger Woods.

Ready for a particularly difficult tee shot? Hole 5th par 3, which runs along the beach, needs 155/135 meters (mens/women) on average to land on a wide elevated green. Lacking the green, the side slopes will push the ball away for a very delicate recovery shot. It gives satisfaction to hit the green with the tee shot, especially if the wind blows. Once on the ball, stop for a moment and look at the view around. The position of the pin at the beginning or end of the green can change the choice of club. My suggestion is never to go long so as not to fall behind the green. Have you satisfied any prying eyes?

The map of 5th

Not yet. The hole 6th, 505/465 meters, has a fascinating start from the top with a great view in the background on the busy beach in the summer months and is a postcard to this golf course. Enjoy it for a minute but don’t get too distracted because this tee shot requires power and precision too (out of bounds on the left, trees and bushes scattered here and there on the right).


Hole 7th is the simplest of the par 3 here at Pra’ delle Torri. Entirely flat and without water obstacles, it only has a front bunker that is beautiful to look at. A hole that can be defined as a rest hole but where the par is necessary. Also the next one is a short hole, especially if drive works. But don’t relax.

The 9th hole is an interesting hole to close the first half of our round of golf. It requires a precise tee shot to avoid the lake on the right and trees on the left. As well as the green is particularly narrow. It is in fact the third most difficult hole of the course.


After the 10th and its peninsula surrounded by reeds, a long trip awaits us. From 11th to 13th the longest holes are put in sequence (considering just the sum of meters), so concentration must be well trained.

Hole 11 is short as par 5 (435/370 meters) but requires attention on the tee shot: it must land at the right height on a slight dogleg on the right to have visibility between two rows of trees that line a small lake. Perhaps there is another possible strategy on this hole, to pass to the side of the water obstacle, but I’ll let you discover it.

The trap at the 11th

The next one is the second hole most difficult on the golf course. Personally, I think hole 12th is more difficult than 3rd: 30-40 meters longer, with a narrower and longer green.

At this point you could be a little bit tired. I suggest to drink and eat properly before and during a round of golf, especially if you come to play here during summer time. It is no time to relax because the 13th par 5 could be easy if you stay in the fairway and become a neverending hole if you miss the shots.

A fairway bunker at 12th. Avoid them to get possibility to reach the green


Yeah! The best is yet to come at Golf Caorle. Along my photoshoot road, I met a group of players, members of the club. I asked them which is the most beautiful hole of the course. They showed me hole 14th, a par 3 with a green on an island. Here too, the satisfaction of putting it on the green is worth the cost of the ticket. The hole also has a non-trivial length ranging from 155 for women to 175 meters for men. And let’s remember the wind that could rise at any moment at the seaside. Just think positive during the tee shot and stay relaxed.

The island of 14th hole

In my opinion, the holes that really make the difference at a certain point on this golf course are holes 15th and 17h. Both are doglegs pronounced on the left, around a grove and a lake respectively. They require a particularly long tee shot, especially at hole 15th, to have visibility on a green that is also delicate here. In the middle, 16th just needs to be played safe between the bunkers.

Players at the 17th


There aren’t many golf courses that end with a par 3. When it happens, it’s challenging. This is the case. Hole 18th is not an easy hole despite the hcp 12. Water on the right and out of bounds on the left. Here, the rule of knowing how to choose the lesser evil applies: based on the position of the flag, In case of error I would opt for a short ball to the left with a recovery shot or long enough to avoid the water obstacle on the right. So be careful not to ruin a good score at the very end or for glory do you need to dare?


Hope you have had enjoyment as I have here at Pra’ delle Torri Golf Caorle. It is a golf sea course that permit to have fun also in not the better days of our game. But as you saw it requires attention anyway.

I think the second nine holes are more difficult than the first even if I found very interesting game situations also at the beggining of the round. Also the lenght to cover is greater in the second nine holes: despite the fact the general difference is only 19 meters, only the two opening par 5 holes make up for the difference while the other numbers are in favor of the second golf course, that is just a little bit wider.

And a comment from a German guy I interviewed on the course makes me notice that most of the holes are doglegs on the left and he was frustrated by the fact of often shotting slices, so the holes were irretrievably lengthened. In fact, if you look at the general map that’s right. Only holes 9th and 11th hint at a slight dogleg to the right (but here it is better not to slice, believe me).

Despite the great heat and drought that hit Italy this year, the course conditions were pretty good. Fairways and roughs are well maintained, as are the greens which I found perfectly regular. In order to face a tough summer rich of tourism, the cut of the greens is deliberately kept not too low. The greens are therefore soft but still with a standard speed.

A game moment on the green. The ball runs well


And the nice thing about all this is that in the end a fresh beer and good dishes are the deserved prize at Ristoro Golf, the club’s restaurant. In particular, I enjoyed a pinsa with salmon and burratina. To lick your fingers. And I felt refreshed after a long day up and down the fairways.

To conclude, here you can find further information about Pra’ delle Torri Golf Caorle and can also contact secretarial staff by phone. They will be happy to help you.

I deserved this break at Ristoro Golf

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