Ca’ d’Artisti, a forge of ideas

“Succede sempre qualcosa di meraviglioso” (Something wonderful always happens, literally). I take the title of a book by Gianluca Gotto that I’ve recently read. This is what happens to me when I discover the Italy of Golf, B&Bs, little villages, people who live and work with passion. Of myself.

In Caorle I met Tiziana and Roberto, owners and managers of “Ca’ d’Artisti”. I was looking for a B&B to stay overnight, close enough to both the Pra’ delle Torri golf course and the beaches of Caorle/Porto Santa Margherita. My partner and I wanted to spend a few summer days by the sea, enjoying the sun and good seafood. Of course, I also wanted to play golf.

A door

Searching for accommodation is simple through Booking and the other booking softwares that the internet offers nowadays. Finding the right place for you requires a little more skill and luck.

I’m learning and I suggest you take just a look at Booking and don’t stop in front of the cold evaluation rating. Read the comments and understand if certain negative or positive evaluations are the result of balanced reasoning. Finally, contact the accomodation’s manager directly to have a wider choice available and the right advice to make your stay better.

For me, which is becoming more and more a “must” to get to know the local people, Tiziana and Roberto have proved to be a door to go deeper into the reality of Caorle. From the chats with them over the days, ideas were born to organize the visit. I learned curious information about local history and current events that I did not know before. Getting to know the inhabitants of a place makes even a simple weekend a more complete and rewarding experience.

Ca’ d’Artisti, are you ready to explore it?

The story

Tiziana and Roberto’s story fascinates me. Ca ‘d’Artisti B&B in Porto Santa Margherita has been open since 2015. Previously they both worked in their real estate agency, which was opened in Caorle in 1963 by Giorgio, Roberto’s father. And in between they had many other experiences including the management of a restaurant between the years 1998 and 2003.

To better understand Ca ‘d’Artisti, let’s start with Giorgio. Giorgio Riosa was an artist in Porto Santa Margherita. He was a well-known painter and ceramist and has always looked with interest and commitment to tourism for the good of his community, including through political commitment.

Giorgio designed the house where the B&B is now located in the 1980s. It had to be slender and communicate an idea of movement. And it reminds Roberto of a ship. And this ship has literally become an art gallery, exhibiting the works of Giorgio but not only.

Art is in the air

It also includes a recording studio where Roberto works on his music today. Yes, Roberto is also a multifaceted artist. He has Art in his blood, inherited from his father. As you may have already guessed, he has done everything in his life: he plays the jazz piano, he is a composer, a sound engineer, a programmer, he deals with musical informatics, he is a masseur.

Turn up the volume!

As you might have just guessed, in addition to the recording studio where you might find Roberto at work, there is also a massage room. If you have any ailments Roberto can give you two hands to help you.

Art is everywhere

In short, there was plenty of material to work on. Tiziana and Roberto were teased by the idea of opening the B&B and so they did. And their history is reflected in what Ca’ d’Artisti has become.

A forge of ideas

Let’s see the more practical aspects that you can also find by searching for the accomodation in the online booking softwares. Ca’ d’Artisti is close to the beach of Porto Santa Margherita, it is about at 600 meters and also Pra’ delle Torri Golf Club is nearby, 5 minutes away by car.

It is certainly a very original place that can be the ideal base for those seeking hospitality, comfort, and the opportunity to chat amiably with the owner couple.

There is to fall in love with the rooms, obviously with an artistic theme. They are called Narrative, Poetry, Painting. Each is characterized by a particular furniture centered on one of the arts. It may therefore be worth returning to visit them also for the variety of the place.

One of the rooms

Ca’ d’Artisti is a forge of ideas. Tiziana dreams of expanding the B&B experience by making it an even more varied place, with a relaxation room where you can listen to music and a literary café. The location lends itself optimally to these evolutions, which I hope will find space in the future. It is an oasis inside but also outside. A large garden with trees can give you refreshment in the evening, after a long day under the sun on the beach or golf, or after wandering around to discover Caorle.

And if you love cycling, the cycle path that passes right behind Ca’ d’Artisti will lead you straight to the old town of Caorle by land .. or by sea if you have the courage to face Caronte, the ferry that crosses the mouth of the Livenza river.

Caronte on Livenza river

I love their breakfast

Let’s talk about breakfast! I have always loved the buffet breakfasts offered by B&B. Even in this difficult period of pandemic with the right precautions, Ca’ d’Artisti is able to guarantee an excellent sweet and savory breakfast.

You will be served in the prestigious main hall, with large windows, surrounded by works of art, of course. And it’s nice to look around for details. A spectacular and inspiring start to the day!

A great breakfast selection

While conversing with Tiziana or Roberto, you will taste the delicious Puina, an ancient recipe based on ricotta, milk, sugar or honey. Sweet from the poor tradition of the Venetian countryside. I love their breakfast!

The puina!

The chat of the two amphitryons will range from the history of Caorle, dating back to the ancient Romans, up to the present day with current issues. They will recommend a good place to go and eat seefood, away from the tourist circuits (in any case you eat well everywhere in Caorle, I already talked about it in my main article).

A break after a long day

The day of the manager of a B&B never stops, requests arrive at all hours. Tiziana and Roberto do everything possible to be welcoming and make the stay in their B&B superlative.

I happened to go out with them for a drink at 10pm. For me it was late but they had just gotten off work so that was the first moment of leisure, a break after a long day. Nonetheless, the internet never stops and some last-minute vacationers may have just requested a room. So give them time to drink the traditional Spritz drink and come back home. The vacation begins.

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