Caorle, la piccola Venezia

North East of Venice lies a coastal area that is one of the most touristic in Italy and which includes places such as Jesolo, Caorle, Lignano, Cavallino-Treporti, which are also famous abroad. At a distance of 40 km as the crow flies, there are 3 18-holes golf courses designed for tourists and not only: courses that are fun and challenging at the same time.

Going even further east beyond the Marano lagoon is Grado, a coastal town with another 18-hole course, all to be discovered.

Let’s not forget that in Venice itself there is one of the oldest golf courses in Italy, to be precise in Lido di Venezia. It is definitely an experience to try. And south of Venice, on the private island of Albarella, there is one of my favorite 18-hole courses, to which I am romantically linked.

It can be a great experience to schedule 10 or 15 days off to visit these places with a golf bag on your back. They deserve more and not only for the presence of Venice.

Today I will tell you about Caorle where I spent with my girlfriend a very pleasant weekend of golf, tourism and food and wine. And of course I will tell you about my experience playing golf.

No beach holidays were planned this summer. We had it in the previous two years so this time we opted for the mountains, with the classic summer holidays in August: here in Italy they are almost obligatory.

Nonetheless, day after day, week after week, I began to miss the maritime component in my plans. I was wondering: “Do you really want not to spend at least a few days at the beach and thus lose the pleasure of beach life and fish dinners?” I didn’t think too much about the answer, which was almost taken for granted, also because it was accompanied by the dream of taking my beloved Mizuno golf clubs with me (dated 2000 but still very reliable).

A work colleague of mine spoke very highly of Caorle and its excellent seafood restaurants. It was actually a place I had never visited before. I look at some photos on the internet, I read the reviews of some restaurants and above all I already know that there is a golf course that I have never had the pleasure of knowing and that is waiting to see me on the tee of the 1st. It’s decided.

So here I am on Booking, looking for the perfect location for me to spend 3 nights. It had to be a place close enough to the beach to be reached by walking and also easily accessible to the Caorle Pra delle Torri Golf Club.

My searches for booking are often simplified by the fact that I have a clear idea of ​​what kind of vacation I want to. Solving 2 or 3 variables, that’s it. Among these, of course, there is the fact that I like to stay in a Bed & Breakfast.

It doesn’t take me too long to select the optimal B&B for me. I see one that attracts my curiosity: “Ca ‘d’Artisti”. It meets the criteria: proximity to the beach and golf course. It is located in Porto Santa Margherita, a fraction of Caorle. The reviews are also very good. I will tell you about this B&B in the dedicated article.

Now we come to Caorle. It is a small town overlooking the Adriatic Sea north of Venice, with just over 11,000 inhabitants and which comes alive in the spring and summer seasons. In a 2018 ISTAT report, Caorle ranks ninth for tourist presence in Italy. This surprised me not so much in itself as for the fact that Caorle really seems like a quiet place. In addition, it is close to other tourist centers such as Jesolo, Lignano, Cavallino-Treporti, which are all included in this special ranking.

As I said before, these places attract a lot of tourism in the summer. They empty in autumn / winter, returning to quiet seaside villages.

And I, who am lucky enough to live only an hour and a half away by car, can indulge in alternative weekends by the sea even out of season.

The origins of Caorle are very ancient, the first historical sources regarding the town of Caorle date back to 238 BC, as an outlet to the sea for the nearby city of Julia Concordia (also known as Concordia Sagittaria), an ancient arrow factory for the Roman Empire.

Ancient Rome pervaded the whole of Italy. Almost every village today retains some signs of the passage of the ancient empire. Caorle and its surroundings are no exception.

There would be a lot to tell. I focus on admiring its beauty today. The small historic center is a maze of narrow streets that open into lively squares where you will find many excellent seafood restaurants. With their pastel colors and their Venetian chimneys they definitely deserve a photo shoot. Appreciate the many small shops and their shop windows as you take a walk with an ice cream in hand.

And if you like the sea, you will find a very long beach, or rather more than one.

Sanctuary of the Madonna dell’Angelo

To the east and west of Caorle there are two beaches separated by the ancient Sanctuary of the Madonna dell’Angelo. Further west, beyond the channel of the Livenza river to the sea, there is another very long beach in the hamlet of Porto Santa Margherita. This is where I spent my time when I wasn’t on the golf course. An excellent solution that combines two needs: to pick up the car as little as possible and be comfortable both at the beach and at golf. To tell the truth, close to the golf course you will find an important “Pra delle Torri” campsite if you like that. Leaving your bungalow with your golf shoes on you are already on the golf course. If, on the other hand, you go out with flip-flops, you will already be on the beach.

But let’s get to the showpiece: the food. As I said you will find many excellent seafood restaurants. I tried two in particular, Trattoria al Mare, right in the historic center of Caorle and Casone al Grottolo, a little hidden among the nature of the lagoon and which is nice to reach on foot. They were two different experiences but both of excellent quality and with staff who love what they do. We felt the welcome and the opportunity to enjoy everything calmly while drinking a good glass of prosecco and breathing in the holiday atmosphere.

Whether you are aiming only for a holiday period to switch off or even to combine sea and golf, Caorle is an ideal destination.

Trattoria al Mare and Chiesa S.Stefano Protomartire on background
Casone Al Grottolo

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