Have you ever dreamed to explore Sardinia playing golf?

Have you ever dreamed to explore Sardinia playing golf?

There is a huge amount of golf destinations in the world: exotic, historic, acclaimed by the public, with breathtaking views, venues for prestigious tournaments. All golfers, at least once in their life, have desired traveling to one of these places, if only to play few of their most iconic holes.

Also Italy in recent years is carving out its space in this varied universe. It is no longer so strange to talk about traveling to Italy to play golf, in this land that is not historically known in the golfing field. At the same time it is no longer so strange to embark on a flight or a ferry to Sardinia, an Italian region renowned mainly for its sea and beaches, even if this, you will discover, is at least simplistic.


Extraordinary beauties of various kinds are hidden in every corner of Italy and every golf course has them in the immediate vicinity. Whichever place you visit in Italy, you should always carry your golf bag with you. So vice versa, if you come to Italy to play golf, you should explore the surrounding areas to discover something more than the normal tourist routes.

Sardinia is like that. Indeed it is even above average. It is not just that island set in the Mediterranean, with a crystalline sea and full of paradisiacal beaches to experience during the summer season. It is a real continent that is impossible to explore in a few days, due to its extent and heterogeneity. Together with Sicily it dominates the Mediterranean.

An interesting map at Alghero airport, a promise of what you will see

This land offers emotions in every season. So allow yourself to move away from the sea and go into its heart to discover other small and large realities.


By now you know what I like to tell: obviously emotions on golf courses, itineraries outside the normal tourist routes, cities, villages, food, history and the people who accompany all this. And in Sardinia we have them in abundance.

Golf is a lifestyle for me, not limited by the 9 or 18 holes that you play. It goes beyond the nice picture on the green posted on Instagram, the nice colored suit, the status quo that someone new to this game has in mind. It allows you to experience the place and the surrounding people because you are lucky enough to travel to the most diverse places possible. That to me is golf. And more.

A surprising place in a hidden village not far from a golf course. I’ll let you know more

So after I’ve spent an entire day up and down the fairways of one of these wonderful courses, and maybe I’ve met some other golfers and golf workers, I like to wander off afterwards and see what (and who) is around. Explore Sardinia playing golf is exciting.


In Italy we can live not only on mass tourism, which often heavily clutters our beaches in the summer and the mountain valleys in the winter.

And when you think of Sardinia, you think of summer and the sea. In reality there is much more. There are several opportunities for the development of tourism to follow another path, not exclusively that of overcrowding the coasts but also that of enhancing inland villages and perhaps in low season periods. Sardinia is an incredible exploration destination.

For example, by staying in B&Bs and farmhouses, dining in family-run trattorias, exploring the villages and small local craft shops, you can lend a hand to the sustainable development of a territory. More, a responsible exploration of natural environments even outside the peak seasons would help preserve biodiversity.

Craftsmanship to be handed down


Sardinia has been for me and I’m sure it will be a destination for surprising explorations in the future, even beyond the game of golf. In the articles that follow, we will enter characteristic villages, from seaside villages to those in the hinterland, refuges for artists or born around mining, known for their archaeological finds or natural beauties. In Sardinia there are villages for every taste.

The world of villages is being rediscovered in Italy because people feel the need to reconcile with nature and traditions.

Wouldn’t you like to play soccer in this square?


Sardinia is a very ancient land. You will discover the fascinating Nuragic civilization. Despite those who say otherwise, Sardinia has always been strongly linked to relations with foreign cultures. Carthaginians, Romans, Spaniards, and more, have passed through here. Its position in the center of the Mediterranean has made it a crossroads in history. Therefore, wherever you go you will find the signs of these ancient relationships and the resulting cultural richness is now there for all to see.

Ruins of the Nuragic civilization


And the beaches that make Sardinia famous throughout the world are also ancient. I’m always fascinated when I think about it, what could the Romans have seen over 2.000 years ago if these places are already so wonderful today?

Another surprising fact, whatever the season in which you visit the island, is that the Sardinian coasts always offer emotions. In summer you can bask in the sun and admire a calm sea with crystal clear water. But also in the other seasons the absence of mass tourism makes the experience in some ways even more pleasant and perhaps you are able to enjoy the surrounding nature even more. As in a meditative ritual, we will listen to the waves of the Mediterranean lashing cliffs and beaches which, outside of summer, are deserted by tourists and show their wild side even more.

Many sunny days in winter, sometimes such a day happens. What a show


While we are here to explore Sardinia playing golf, we will also taste traditional cuisine: on our journey, every day we will try a new food and wine experience in a cuisine, the Sardinian one, which is truly varied and tasty. So also in this chapter, there is no risk of getting bored in Sardinia. The food reflects the culture and nature of these places. I’ll recommend some places where you can fill your belly properly.

Fregola and Vermentino


Well, hadn’t we come to explore Sardinia playing golf? Don’t worry. Visiting the fairways will be one of the main topics and three splendid courses will be the protagonists of most the following articles. I built the route to follow to play golf, and I chose specific golf clubs to explore specific parts of Sardinia. I wish I could extend my days again and again but it’s also nice to leave yourself some reason to come back and visit a place.

Is Arenas is one of the scenarios of our tour in Sardinia


If you have an adventurous spirit, Sardinia will offer you plenty of opportunities to get off the beaten tracks. Some tips and then let’s go.

One of these could be to travel to Sardinia outside the summer season. Immediate benefits are lower prices, avoiding crowded places, possibility to book less days in advance. All of this obviously also applies to golf courses. On the other side, you may not be able to appreciate the beaches in all their glory but nature could appear more wild. Sardinia is competitive in every season.

I just recommend calling before the trip so you will be sure that the structure you are looking for is also open out of season. Also consider that the various golf clubs can use these periods for maintenance work that would be impossible in the summer.

Another tip could be to evaluate the possibility of organizing a non-circular travel itinerary to make the route more efficient. Sardinia is very large and even in 10 days it may not be convenient to arrive and depart from the same airport, unless you desidere to focus your attentions to an area. Rent a car at an airport in the North (e.g. Alghero or Olbia) and return it in the South (Cagliari).

Alternatively, don’t overdo it. It can be a great experience even just to stop in a limited area of ​​Sardinia and explore the surroundings that you will still find full of ideas. Learn more about the exploration here, get to know the people who live there and their traditions.

Walking on a deserted beach


So what will we see next? Here are the four itineraries that I experienced firsthand. You can take advantage of a weekend to get to know one of these places or, if you have more time available, combine the solutions to your liking. I hope you will let yourself go to experience this territory to the fullest.

From Alghero to Bosa. Let’s discover a spanish city, a magic road on the west coast, to finally reach a delicious little town which hides traditions and delicacies.

Towards the Gallura. From west to the east, we will go down little-travelled roads. We will visit our first ruins site of Nuragic civilization. At the end, we’ll arrive to the well known Costa Smeralda where we’ll play the first round of golf in Sardegna at the famous Pevero Golf Club (official web site here). But the surprises don’t end there.

Back to the west. In a stop in Oristano city we’ll have great several experiences: food and wine, more ancient history, and another great round of golf at the challenging Is Arenas golf course (official web site here).

The final descent to the south. Cagliari is the regional capital and the last stage of our tour. From here we will space to an important and very interesting mining area. We’ll play in the prestigious and pleasant Is Molas Golf Resort (official web site here) and we will enjoy the last glimpses of the sea.

So if you’ve ever dreamed to explore Sardinia playing golf, come with me and let the journey begin.

Greetings from Cagliari

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