Petersberg, a mountain gem

“A little Augusta”. So my coach has described Petersberg to me when I told him I was going to play there during the holidays. Was he joking? Certainly there are no flowers or the fast greens of the American famous golf course, but something remembers it to me.

The green of the 1st

The Petersberg Golf Club is located not far from Bolzano, about 45 minutes by car. Bolzano province is called Alto Adige or Südtirol, it is an important tourist destination in Italy, both in summer and in winter seasons. It is an incredible natural mountain paradise and also food and wine, but I let you search the internet for how much beauty this area contains.

The game experience of Petersberg

Let’s talk now about the golf course. It was a great gaming experience for me. The third round in Alto Adige/South Tyrol in a few days (I will tell you the other experiences) was absolutely enjoyable.

The Club House, in a typical mountain building

Each hole stands out from the others, the ups and downs are incredibly limited. A good iron tee shot is more than enough if you are a medium length player. At most you play a wood from the tee on five holes, for the others it is absolutely important to shoot the ball to a good position in the fairway to have visibility of the green. After all, we are in the mountains so the golf course is developed with several doglegs or light curves delimited by tall trees close to the fairway.

The 6th, the widest hole (after first shot 😉 )

It may not appeal to everyone but it is an excellent exercise. But one thing that certainly pleases the average players like me is the almost always clean underwod that allows you to find the ball even when you slice or pull the shot. Sorry if it is not much for a mountain golf course (remember that we are about 1.300 meters high). Obviously the turf is optimal in August at these altitudes, which makes the gaming experience even more enjoyable

The fun was greater thanks to the company of Lucio and Giorgio, two frequent visitors who were able to advise me on how to tackle each hole. Remember not to attack the pin too much, there are dangerous behind the greens and I ended up in it in more than a few. So, better to stay short.

Lucio, show me the safe route

I particularly like hole 2nd, a par 4 with an accentuated dogleg on the right that absolutely requires you to place the tee shot to the left of the fairway (but not too long with the risk of going down into the woods) and the shot to the green is nice, slightly downhill with the green defended on the left side by two deep bunkers.

The second hole

The arrival of hole 9th in front of the club house is interesting, spectacular for those who sit on the terrace drinking a beer while the players have to tackle one of the few series of climbs.

The little 9th green and the Club House. Would you like a rest or go on?

I would be careful of all the holes, but the 11th is particularly difficult, a par 5 that does not allow for any margin of error either on the right or on the left. Let’s go to 17th, I think it’s one of the signature holes on this course. Par 3 downhill through the trees with a pond in front of the green. It is not long but the club must be chosen carefully to send the ball at the right height of the green.

The 17th

When one thinks that he has finally arrived at the safe haven of the club house, he still has to deal with hole 18th. It is a dangerous up and down, both on the first and second shot. Among the par 4s of the course, it is one of the longest. Here you can’t afford to stay too short with the first shot.

The 18th.. No Lucio, your ball isn’t in the hole


This club has all the features that I like: a simple and relaxed atmosphere, an essential highly comfortable clubhouse equipped with a bar/restaurant and terrace overlooking the course, comfortable changing rooms with the possibility of storing bags in the lockers provided with keys.

I never forget to evaluate the practice area: I liked the well developed putting green and pitching area. To me who likes to train on the driving range, I would gladly spend a few hours there.

To conclude, Petersberg Golf Club is a gem not far from Bolzano. It made me appreciate playing golf in the mountains even more. On a next occasion I hope to be able to stay longer, eat at the golf restaurant, visit the surroundings, and maybe stay in one of the B&Bs or farmhouses present in the area.

Here is the link to the Petersberg Golf Club website.

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