The Asolo great experiences

One of the most beautiful and engaging golf courses in Veneto region is the Asolo Golf Club. Located in the province of Treviso between the Asolo hills and the Venetian foothills of Alps, this club has 27 championship holes that wind through gentle hills not far from the Prosecco and Valdobbiadene areas.

It has become one of my favorite golf courses. I appreciate the variety of game situations, the technical and at the same time very playable design, the landscape and the careful maintenance. This place that puts you in competition with yourself every time. And don’t forget the sorrounding area, to be discovered.

Asolo Golf Club
A bunker shot at the 9th hole, green course

The atmosphere of a passion for golf is also pleasant. During the photo shooting it has been not so surprising for me to see so many junior players. I already knew that if you sign up for a competition here, chances are you will play together. For me it is an extra incentive every time, to give my best considering my competitive spirit.

But what I always want to remember, first of all to myself, is that it is still a game. And having the good fortune to walk on these meadows can only make me happy. From time to time I raise my head, look at the panorama that Asolo offers me and listen to the sounds of Nature. This relaxation technique will also allow you to get to the next stroke with greater peace of mind.

play golf in Italy
A young player during training session at Asolo Golf Club. Here 6th hole, green course


27 holes allow you to combine the 18 competition holes by choosing two of the three available courses: red, green, yellow. Perhaps the most challenging combination is red + green, used for the most important championships, but yellow is also a level course to be tackled with the right attention.

Asolo has a technical design that fun. From the tee shot to the green, the utmost attention must always be paid: obstacles of various kinds are often placed on both sides of the fairway. As usual, if you are not too precise you have to be good at choosing the lesser evil. On the other hand, the variety of game situations, fairways almost always quite wide, wide and undulating greens make it fun for every level of play.

Hole 5th, red course. Pay attention to the green approach and not at the paragliding in the sky

Even when shooting in the center of the fairway, the position of the ball often does not allow to have the stance completely flat and light ups and downs require you to pay attention to the choice of the club, in order not to stay short or not to go too long with respect to the target. But don’t worry, it’s all very balanced, just pay attention to the details that could make a difference.

Water hazards are often in play and numerous bunkers, even deep ones, make even the tee shot delicate. The greens are always undulating and fast, features that I particularly appreciate.

Another peculiarity of this course are the grass bunkers. They are there in several holes, even along the fairways. Unlike sand bunkers, which have almost always regular surface, when the ball ends up in a grass bunker its lay may not be so optimal between tall grass and sloping stances. That’s why I always try to avoid them very carefully.

7th hole, yellow course. Right dog-leg par 5 with insidious obstacles


An example of a technical hole to be played with a little strategy, hole 3rd of the red course is perhaps the best known around. It is a par 4 of 338 meters from the men’s yellow tee, 293 meters from the women’s red tee. It is not too long a hole but two lateral water hazards come together almost at the landing height of the drive, and then continue left to the green.

A player who has a long enough game is able to overcome the obstacle but not without apprehension, keeping carefully to the right of the fairway and letting himself take a shot at the green from about 100 meters. Higher handicap players or less powerful players will opt for a different strategy, with a shorter shot before the water and then attempted the shot at the green from 150 meters or preferring to make a second lay-up. Once I played with a young tall guy that just uses an iron from the tee to get where I land using the driver (230 meters).

A conservative strategy at the 3rd hole, red course. Lay-up before attempting for the green

Hole 7th par 4 on the green course is in my opinion the most difficult hole of all. It is of medium length (363 meters for men and 323 for women) and nevertheless from the tee a powerful player may prefer to leave drives and wood 3 in the bag to play the tee shot a little shorter. Here too, two lateral water obstacles gradually tighten the fairway. If you are not too confident, it may be preferable to take a 150-meter green shot from a fairly wide fairway area rather than wanting to wedge yourself into a narrower fairway area. This could be risky. It is almost certain that you will end up in the water hazard if the ball curves a little bit to the left or to the right.

Hole 7th, green course. A delicate tee shot

On the yellow course, I particularly like hole 8th although it does not meet my characteristics. Here too, we are not dealing with a hole that is too long. The difficulty arises in the narrowing at the height of the first landing area and in the soaring of the fairway to get to the raised green. Be careful not to make a mistake on the right: on the first tee shot you would find trees and a ditch that is positioned transversely, while on the second shot a mistake on the right would end up under a slope from which it would then be difficult to recover with an approach.

Asolo golf course
Hole 8th, yellow course. It is always satisfying to reach the green with the second shot

These are just examples of technical holes at Asolo Golf Club. So come and discover all the remaining holes for yourself. For lovers of technical golf courses and game strategy, I think Asolo Golf Club is an exciting challenge. And at the same time it is very pleasant for every game level.


Let’s go back to talking about the surrounding environment and you will discover a great panorama, not only visual but also historical and about food&wine. Wherever you look, as you walk through the holes, you will find something really interesting.

Going North on hole 6 of the red course, you will not resist taking a photo. Above the green you will see the Cavaso del Tomba church in the foreground and Monte Tomba in the background. Together with the nearby Monte Grappa, these peaks represented one of the most disputed bulwarks between Italians and Austrians during the First World War. In the skies above you, you may see groups of paragliders enjoying their flight over this beautiful land.

Hole 6th, red course. Take a picture

Green course instead winds to the Southwest, in closer contact with the Asolo hills. These findings take their name from the beautiful historic village of Asolo, a gem that you must visit if you come here. Among the Asolo hills, a few minutes from the golf course you will find several “osterie” offering typical meals of the area. Everything is very close and accessible. Last time I discovered Osteria Alla Baracca 1915-1918, great place with a panoramic terrace.

I warmly suggest a lunch at Osteria alla Baracca 1915-1918, in Monfumo town, 7 minutes away

The Asolo great experiences are not over. In Possagno town, just 6 minutes away from the golf club, you have the possibility to know more about Antonio Canova, the great Neoclassical sculptor of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. Visit the gypsotheca and the fabulous Tempio Canoviano. Guided tours are available in several languages.

The Gypsotheca of Antonio Canova in Possagno town

When you are playing the yellow course on the background you will see the Valdobbiadene hills. This fantastic land of wine is famous all over the world and it’s just 15 minutes away. So don’t miss it. Once I went to La Casa Vecchia, where you can taste excellent Valdobbiadene DOCG wine. Remember to ask for Valdobbiadene, not Prosecco.

An aperitif at “La Casa Vecchia” in Santo Stefano di Valdobbiadene


So if you have the chance, this area deserves at least a three day stay. By alternating golf game at Asolo Golf Club with visiting beautiful places, time will fly.

On the first day, play the green course, then have lunch on the Asolo hills (I suggest Osteria alla Baracca 1915-1918) and visit Asolo town in the afternoon. Reserve the second day to play the red course and in the afternoon visit Possagno and get to know Antonio Canova. Go on last 9 holes of yellow course in the morning of third day, and then move to the Valdobbiadene. Have lunch at the Osteria Senz’Oste, a magic venue on the top of Cartize wine hill, and visit some excellent cellars. La Casa Vecchia also offers staying overnight. At least a three day route is perfect to live these places enjoying our favourite sport at the same time.

Maybe you could be interested to continue your italian trip toward Vicenza and its food&wine and Golf Club Vicenza.

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