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Our wandering journey to discover Golf in Italy begins in Vicenza. In the heart of Veneto, a region in the north east of the country, the city is famous throughout the world thanks above all to the architect Andrea Palladio (16th century), his magnificent neoclassical buildings scattered throughout the city center, in the surrounding countryside and in the rest of the region. The industrial fabric is worth mentioning and in particular the goldsmith’s making Vicenza a particularly industrious city.

Vicenza, Piazza dei Signori and Basilica Palladiana

In other articles I will talk about the importance of local food and wine with a particular but not exhaustive quote for bacalà, grappa and spritz but we will also say something about some new taste that may interest you: craft beer and gourmet burgers. And let’s not forget the “sagre”, typical festivals in Italy, which also in this area of the national territory cheer with their delicacies and joie de vivre.

Another important aspect that concerns the area and which has had a significant impact on economic development over the years is represented by the many Americans who live here due to the presence of the US army barracks. All in all they are lucky to have come across a land with more than a few golf courses.

In short, like any self-respecting place in Italy, you will have the opportunity to explore the area, get to know the people and their peculiarities.

We finally come to Golf. In the province of Vicenza there are 3 golf courses with a regulation course 9 or 18 holes: Colli Berici (18 holes), Asiago (18 holes), Golf Club Vicenza (9 holes). We also mention Brolo Bassano Golf (4 holes and an interesting driving range) and Villa Garziere (with a driving range). Not far away are the provinces of Verona and Padova, also these lands which greatly attract with their numerous golf courses and beauty to discover.

Play the golf course

In this article I will tell you about Creazzo and its 9-hole golf course. The small town is suitable for a weekend stop in a B&B if not more: starting point for playing not only at the Vicenza Golf Club but also in other structures in the province and in the Veneto region. It allows you to take advantage of your free time to explore the Creazzo hill, the nearby Vicenza and a few bike rides. A place to discover and that will amaze you. The landscape context is extraordinary, a mix of plains and hills that will involve you with their many attractions.

Creazzo hills, to be discovered

Vicenza Golf Club “Villa degli Olmi” is one step away from the city, reachable from the train station in 10 minutes, 5 minutes from the highway exit. In short, very comfortable. It is a 9-holes course, par 36, in the plains and the hills of Creazzo form an elegant backdrop. The golf course is through ditches and rows of trees. The fairways are wide but they can be deceiving. In fact, trees and other obstacles are always lurking. All holes have at least one water obstacle to watch out for. Every shot counts but here a lot of attention must be given to the tee shot, it is essential to place it on the fairway to make a good score. If you end up in the trees or in a ditch, you have already lost at least one shot. I suggest taking a round from the yellow tees and a round from the white tees so you will notice the difference in difficulty and involvement, two different courses. You can play one or the other according to your mood of the day. 18-holes competitions are also conducted with this system. At least 5 holes completely change perspective and can engage even the most skilled players.

The first 4 holes are beautiful, especially from the back tees. Holes 5th and 6th give rest but it closes well with 2 demanding par 5s and a last par 4 in which it is essential to shoot on the fairway to be able to hit the green, positioned after a little lake. Beautiful final with the clubhouse that will welcome you behind the difficult green all sloping towards the entrance to the green.

Autumn in Creazzo

But now I will reassure you because the greens are a bit simpler even if underestimated by most of the players: some slopes are not too obvious and this could mislead you.

Ultimately, these 9 holes do not tire for their intelligent design that has been able to perfectly exploit the spaces, making it an interesting course for both beginners and the more experienced.

The beautiful 4th

More than golf

If you come to play on Saturday, you will probably run into some goliardic competition set up by a group of friends who love and hate this game but who always want to test themselves. In my opinion, they are the beating heart of this small community that contribute to making it even more cheerful and noisy. And the international community is particularly alive. Ryder Cup (Hackers International) style challenges are often created.

Come and visit us! And if you contact me I will be happy to do 9 holes with you.

Have you finished playing? Stop on the clubhouse terrace and enjoy an aperitif. Then go to the discovery of Creazzo!

A path in the hills of Creazzo

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