Visit a sagra in Italy, start from Vicenza

January has just closed and here in Creazzo, at the gates of Vicenza, we are saying goodbye to a much awaited period not only by the citizens of the small town (about 11,000 inhabitants) but also by many other curious people who love food and wine and wander around for sagre in Italy. If you are here to play golf, you could be interested to more know. Visit a sagra in Italy, start from Vicenza.

In fact, here in Creazzo the house specialty is “fiolaro” broccoli, a variety of vegetable included in the list of typical Venetian products and grown right on the beautiful hills that rise in the village and which I recommend to visit. It is a small seasonal production whose harvest lasts throughout the winter period, up to the month of February.


The fiolaro broccoli festival (or Sagra del broccolo fiolaro) in Creazzo was well established, at least before the pandemic. It had even assumed a significant importance in the regional panorama, so much so that it attracted thousands and thousands of people here in the central weeks of January.

This vegetable boasts the “De.Co.”, the Municipal Denomination. This is a certification of the agri-food sector which has the function of linking a product or its manufacturing phases to a particular municipal area, allowing initiatives for the local enhancement of products and recipes typical of the area.

With the fiolaro broccoli you can cook everything, from first courses to second courses, from sweets to bitters. In the past it was considered a poor food but in recent years it has finally received due attention and today there are many chefs who use it in their menus, including the award-winning chef Carlo Cracco, a native of Creazzo.

Speaking about these sagra festivals, the hope is always the same: that the pandemic will end soon to be safe to eat and drink together, properly celebrating all the delicacies that Italy has to offer.

But what is a sagra? Basically it is a big party that lasts several days. A place, its food and wine specialties, or a cult are celebrated. During the sagra days there is the opportunity to taste cheaply what the area has to offer. All this is accompanied by music, folklore and excellent local wine.

Typically, we all get together for lunch and dinner at large tables where we are usually served by the precious volunteers of the village associations in an efficient and passionate way to say the least.

Sandrigo, the Feast of Bacalà

The atmosphere that is created is beautiful, of a community that comes together and celebrates life. And when I participate in a festival in my country I always look around for Italian or foreign tourists. I am pleased to know that even a small, little-known reality outside the normal tourist routes can get noticed. The festivals bring wealth to the country, cultural as well as economic.


Not only a festival during this period: several event evenings are organized by local trattorias and restaurants to celebrate this typical product. For example, I highly recommend a visit to the Trattoria al Cavallino. In addition to being in an important historical and landscape context, in the historic Piazza Roma, it offers customers an environment that is both refined and welcoming. And despite the traditional setting, the dishes are innovative: modern works of art not only for the eyes but also and above all for the palate. Here tradition and innovation are combined perfectly.

Trattoria al Cavallino in Creazzo

In addition to the fiolaro broccoli sagra, in Creazzo are also held the San Marco sagra (April 25, the day of San Marco, the patron saint of the town) and the San Nicola sagra, held in December. These last two festivals are more related to the cult and no less important for Creazzo from a cultural point of view. Here too you can appreciate excellent traditional dishes.


The purpose of my articles is certainly not to be exhaustive, there is still a lot to tell. I let myself be guided by my experiences and emotions. So let me mention another fundamental festival for the Vicenza area and very dear to me: the feast of bacalà (salted cod festival – Festa del Bacalà) in Sandrigo town (at north of Vicenza).

This festival is held in September, a great season to play golf in Italy. Salted cod (bacalà or baccalà) is celebrated here, in the form of dishes such as “bacalà alla vicentina” and “bacalà mantecato”. I leave the word to the photos, they will speak for themselves.

Bacalà “alla vicentina” and polenta

I only suggest booking because here the influx of gourmands is even more massive. You will find not only an entire town in celebration, but an entire province, a lot of history, folklore and professionalism that find their apex in the Confraternity of bacalà alla vicentina which has the purpose of safeguarding and spreading the ancient and original recipe of “Bacalà alla Vicentina” with over 400 years of history. The story of how Vicenza and the Veneto have embraced this ingredient is absolutely worth discovering. In Sandrigo you can do it.

recipe for “bacalà alla vicentina”

And whether it’s fiolaro broccoli or bacalà, both are wonderful condiments on a nice plate of bigoli.

Bigoli with fiolaro broccoli at Trattoria al Cavallino in Creazzo

If you travel to Italy, every week it’s sagra time somewhere. Each territory has its countless sagre to discover, born from traditions that are handed down from generation to generation. Surely you have to try the trattorias and restaurants but don’t forget to visit sagre in Italy. These festivals allow you to get closer and get to know even more what it means to be Italian. They allow you to discover hidden places less used to tourists, but no less welcoming.

I will tell you again about sagre and other events related to food&wine. It’s a topic I like too much and think it’s a strenght of Italy.

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